THERM was established on January 9, 1997 and has got commercial registration on January 29, 1997. We are an engineering company which offers service in Design and Fabrication Industrial Machinery and Scientific Equipment by our experienced engineering team.


  ::The objective of establishment:

• Consultation and execution of engineering program such as productivity management and development, etc.
• Design, fabricate, and repair industrial machinery
• Trade engineering testing equipment
• Design and fabricate all kinds waste incinerator (including climator)
• Consultation of energy management program

  ::The establisher team is composed of :

Mr. Somsit Moonsatan,
Dr. Opart Gomonwatanapanit,
Mr. Chaiyut Anawatara.
And the adviser is Dr. Sombat teekasap.

1. Mr.Somsit Moonsatan        วศ.บ.(Machanical) วศ.ม.(Mechanical) 
2. Dr.Opas Komolwatthanapanicht   วศ.บ.(Mechanical) วศ.ม.(Mechanical) 
3. Mr.Chaiyut Anawatchathara    วศ.บ.(Electrical) 
4. Mr.Surachai Kassamma                อส.บ.(Electrical) วศ.ม.(Electrical) 
5. Miss Asaya Rattanahol B.SC. (Chemical technology), M.SC. (Environmental management)
6. Mr.Chayaporn  Moorabootra วศ.บ.(Mechanical) 
7. Mr.Nitinai Wichachai      วศ.บ.(Mechanical) 
8. Mr.Sansern Sanasan         อส.บ.(Mechanical) 
9. Mr.Amnat Poonpol           วศ.บ.(Mechanical)
10. Mr.Surat Sirisong              วศ.บ.(Mechanical)
11. Mr.  
12. Mr.  
13. Mr.Suchat Kanya วศ.บ.(Electrical) 
14. Mr.Prajak Layos                วศ.บ.(Electrical) 
15. Mr.Wichit Wongkaewmoon           วศ.บ.(Electrical) 

1. Mr.Akechai Tankaew       วท.บ.(การจัดการอุตสาหกรรม)
2. Mr.Jaturong Tongpansree วท.บ.(การจัดการอุตสาหกรรม)
3. Mr.Kritsanas                       ปวส.(ช่างกลอุตสาหกรรม)