Therm Engineering Company was starting from the awareness on prevention and environmental protection. Therefore, we do not stop developing clean technologies. Before getting to know our equipment, we need to learn more about clean technology before.

Clean technology

Current environmental problems are widely impact throughout the world. The major reason is the growth of several types of industry which cause pollution problems affect the quality of life of people nearby. Therefore, the solutions between economic and environmental problems are in consideration for the last decade. And the principle of cleaning technology has been made under various names depending on the popularity of each industry such as Clean Technology (CT), Clean Production (CP), Pollution Prevention (P2), Waste Minimization.

What is clean technology?

Clean technology is the strategy used for industrial production to optimize the use of raw materials and energy consumption to reduce production costs. Products and services are continuously improved together with reducing waste at source which is reducing the burden on waste disposal and saving raw materials and energy. Moreover, it increases security at work and protect environment. Clean technology creates a good image to the corporation as well, which strengthens competitiveness in global markets as well as developing capabilities and efficiency of business. It is also the starting point in moving toward to ISO 14000.

Concept of clean technology

Concept of clean technology is to prevent pollution at source and minimizing the use of chemical to eliminate pollution from industries. Sequence of clean technology from the more important to at least as following.

  1. Reduce at the source
  2. Recycle
  3. Treatment
  4. Discharge

Troubleshoot of clean technology is focus on reducing the use of resources to fit and to minimize waste. Before discharge waste, it would be recycled which reduces the amount of waste and cost of used chemical. The remaining waste would be treated to qualify as good enough to discharge to the external environment. Focusing on reducing at the resource is better the generally concept of pollution treatment which increase cost to the industry.

Design and produce clean technology of THERM

From concept of clean technology, finally the waste would remain and have to be treated to qualify before discharge. THERM continually develops to design and produce technology.

-          Bag filter and Dioxin Removal

Bag filter and Dioxin Removal traps dust and removes Dioxin-Furan from waste combustion. Its rectangular shape contained filter bag coated with ePTFE and Catalyst; Dioxin-Furan react those substances are trapped on the bag and blown to discharge for eliminate.

-          Wet gas treatment system

Gas discharged from Bag filter and Dioxin Removal would be treated by wet gas treatment system to be neutral the gas and trap the particle before discharge.

-          Automatic waste bin cleaner

The cleaner is an automatic machine for cleaning infectious waste bin. It’s working by lifting upside down to inject the solution to clean and blow to dry. The waste water would be stored in the reservoir and spray by high-pressure pump into the combustion chamber to eliminate.

-          Bio-filter

Bio-filer is odor removal system. This biological filter of THERM is designed to use selected microorganisms, Thai species, which is the most suitable for deodorant for waste in Thailand

-          Dust treatment system

The type of this system is a center pipe, it’s used for dust removal. Working principle is installing the vacuum head in the area which has massive dust and transporting dust through the pipeline to cyclone outside plant. \

-          Waste water treatment system

Waste water occurs from waste elimination will impact to environment, so that THERM do not ignore to design the efficiency waste water treatment system

THERM always keeps moving on development to propose clean and efficiency technology for the environment to our country and our earth.